Wednesday, April 2, 2014

End of Winter... Beginning 2014

So, as promised, a few recent pictures.. :) The kids are all growing like crazy and like to remind us how big they are getting!! :) Macie has been potty trained (nights included) since February.. (at 26months) and is super good at having no accidents. When they decide its time, we've been super lucky! Kenzie is learning all sorts of things... and just recently started writing (how is she old enough for this already??) They both love learning and we are a part of a little homeschool preschool group right now! Very fun. Zoie is rolling every which way and loves to jump in her jumparoo! She giggles at the girls and love when daddy gets home (as they all do!) Zoie is now in 12 month clothes, and weighs 19lbs. (did i mention she is 5months old?) :) 

Cleaning up their mess.. :)

Headed out to ride!

Little Mr T and Auntie Jay

Kenzie riding her snowmobile at the farm

All the MN grandkids! 

Playing with playdoh!

We went to the zoo for Daddys birthday this year... the kids loved it! 

Happy 3 months to Zoie!
Sitting watching the kids color at the table..

Playing in some of the snow we got this year... TOO MUCH. :)

Zoie's perch in the carrier outside..

You know its been a long winter when...... "we are just getting exercise mom!" As they are running in the dryer like a hampster wheel...

Droooool bug.

And 4 months!

Sitting in the tub with the big girls!

Helping wash her of course...

Sitting with daddy playing a game... :)

Got out the jumparoo and totally loves it!!! 5m


MORE SNOW! March 28.2014

sisters.. <3 p="">
And to present... happy 5 months Zoie babe! 

Keeping busy of course.... but wouldnt trade it for anything in the world! :)

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